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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Review- Seaside Letters

Seaside Letters A Nantucket Love Story by Denise Hunter. This is the story of Sabrina Kincaid and Tucker McCabe. Sabrina is a waitress who has fallen in love with someone she writes to online, that person comes to the diner everyday for coffee, and doesn’t know that the one he talks to online is Sabrina, or does he? Tucker has fallen is love with the woman he knows as Sweet pea online, he wants to date her in person, but she won’t agree to meet him. The story is a twist of online dating and the fact that Sabrina doesn’t want Tucker to meet her in person, because of something she has done in her past, so she goes about a cat and mouse game trying to avoid him finding out that she is the person he talks to online. Except he already know who she is and instead of just asking her out, hires her, Sabrina to find the mysterious online sweet pea. Honestly the whole story line was pretty immature, the online dating, the not wanting him to know who you are, even though he already knows. I would not have thought this was really a Christian book as there is not a lot of Christ like things in the book, actually the opposite, from drinking to an affair with a married man. I didn’t really get a good physical description of the characters, couldn’t really picture them in my mind. In the back of the book was an excerpt from Sweetwater Gap, another of Denise Hunters books that sounded good and I would like to read it and see if it was better than Seaside Letters.


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