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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Review- LoneStar Secrets

Lonestar Secrets written by Colleen Coble. Five years after Shannon Astor left her home town she finds herself back in town this time as a single mother and full of distrust for the people she grew up with. Shannon has put herself through school all while raising her little girl, Kylie. Shannon’s life is filled with many secrets, can Jack MacGowan the man who is raising his own little girl, Faith break through Shannon’s heart and find love? This story has many twists and turns, from lies and deception, to truth and love. It all goes to show you the truth is better told upfront, and it never pays to lie, no matter how much you think you are helping someone. The story takes place in West Texas and has many different characters. There is Mary Jane- the roommate of Shannon who is in big trouble. The mystery man who is after Shannon and has Mary Jane captive. Jack MacGowan, the man who once humiliated Shannon and now has a daughter who is identical to Shannon own little girl. And then there is Shannon, a woman of distrust who has made it through life on her own, can she put the past behind her and let Jack into her heart? The book has many twists and turns has a great story, and has a surprise ending. I would love to have read her first book, and can’t wait to read more of her books.


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