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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Review- A Man of His Word

I have recently signed up with Thomas Nelson publishers to do book reviews. They will send you a book of your choice for free and all you have to do is post a review about it. The following is for the book A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller.
A Man of His Word, written by Kathleen Fuller. This is the love story of Moriah Byler and Levi Miller. The book begins with Moriah preparing for the best day of her life, her wedding. She is in love with her childhood friend, Levi, while Levi’s twin brother Gabriel is in love with Moriah. The story quickly unfolds with a tale of lies and deception by Levi. Throughout the book there is yet a second story going on. The love story of another Amish couple, Tobias and Rachel. The book has it’s strong points, and it’s weak points. I liked how the author told about the community and made you really feel like you were in Middlefield, Ohio. The author used a lot of Amish words throughout the book, which I didn’t really care for, it broke the flow of reading as I had to look back and see what the words meant. The story itself was pretty predictable. Woman loves man, another man loves her, and there was lots of drama, with death and a birth. I would have liked there to be a book about Tobias and Rachel on their own, as there story line was pretty good. Overall I would recommend the book, and can’t wait to read another book by Kathleen Fuller.


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