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Friday, April 23, 2010

There Was Once A Potato- Book Review

"There Was Once A Potato" by Ebony Haywood.   I was delighted to be able to review this book.  "There Was Once A Potato" is a hilarious book about the food in your refrigerator.  The book also has a great lesson in teaching your children that it is not okay to be a fighter.  Instead we should learn to communicate instead of resorting to fighting. 

The back cover:

All is well on Maple Street. The confident and rather cocky Clamatoe Potato and his pals are chillin' until one day Alakazam Yam moves in and turns their icebox world upside down....

A tongue twisting story about Clamatoe Potato and his refrigerator friends, who learn a lesson when Alakazam Yam is thrown into their refrigerator.  This story has a great lesson in teaching children that it is not okay to fight with anyone, and shows what happens to those around us when we do fight.  There is also a great lesson in team work when the friends try to help one another put their egg friend back together.
The book is filled with a refrigerator full of friends with tongue twisting
names who learn an important lesson in friendship.

If you love Dr. Seuss books, you are going to love this book!
My children loved this book- we all sat down while I read it to them, and they had a blast trying to say all the names in the book.  More importantly I loved the lesson that was thrown into the book.  Fighting is wrong!

A little bit about the author:
Ebony Haywood is a poet who loves writing in honor of her favorite authors Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein.  She lives in Los, Angeles California, where she is working on her newest book.
You can learn more about her on her blog.

You can purchase There Was Once A Potato at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.com, you can also buy it here.

***Disclaimer*** I was sent a copy of this book free of charge, this in no way influenced my review of the book.  Thank you to the PR company and Ebony Haywood for providing this book.


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