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Sunday, December 6, 2009

My phobia

is a yucky, eight-legged creature, otherwise known as the SPIDER. I am petrified of the things. It all began when I was five years old, we were walking in the woods, when my dad thought it would be funny to put this spider that was on his walking stick, on my leg. I freaked out, screaming and crying, and I still do it today, almost 30 years later. It seems that if there is going to be a spider in the room, it always finds me. I will not go into a room without first doing a quick scan to make sure there is nothing lurking there. I know, I have a serious problem right? When I was expecting my first child, my mom said, What would you do if there was a spider on the baby? Sadly, I probably would not be able to help the baby, that's how much I hate spiders! Thank God that has never happened, but I have had some pretty interesting encounters with the eight-legged creatures.
After my first daughter was born I went to visit my sister, as she had just bought a "new" house. My daughter was only about 6 weeks old, and I was still pretty emotional, and cried alot. Anyway one morning I went to take a shower, when I was done I grabbed a nice clean towel, wrapped it around me and felt something crawing on my leg. There was a big, fat, hairy wood spider making it's way up my leg. I dropped the towel, and start to cry, and shake, and pretty much have a meltdown. Meanwhile, my mom and sister are downstairs watching the baby, and my mom hears funny sounds coming from the bathroom, she thinks uh-oh she is having a suffering from the baby blues and is having a little meltdown. She comes to the door to see if I am ok. when I don't answer, she gets worried, I finally find my voice and tell her I am stuck in the shower because there was a spider on me and I can't move. My poor mother had to come in and get me out of the shower and calm me down. Then there is the spider that found it's way into our car.
Once when we were driving down interstate 95 at night, I looked down and saw something crawling on me. I started freaking out, and told my husband I had to get out of the car IMMEDIATELY! I start to panick and am crying which is scaring my two little girls in the backseat of the car. Hubby pulls over in a not so nice part of town, and searches the car, finds nothing and tells me nicely to get in the car, but I can't, because I know there is something in there. Meanwhile, my girls are in the backseat of the car watching Mommy through the window have a meltdown. My nice, calm husband tells me to get in the car becuase 1. we have a long trip to finish, and 2. the girls are watching me and I need to calm down. So I finally get in the car, curl into a ball and pray that I was just imagining the whole thing. So we start driving again down busy I-95, my hubby puts his arm around me and as we drive he looks down and crawling down his arm is a HUGE spider, he yelled and threw his arm, which made the spider land on the floor. Once again I start crying, because I have to get out of the car, I am that afraid of the thing. He somehow manages to trap it and we pull into a gas station. It was about 4 inches big and was a Wolf Spider, if you have never seen one, they are big and hairy! Hubby apologized for making fun of me and we continue on our journey. I am reminded of all this because this morning as I am getting out of the shower, I look down and swimming in the water is a dead spider, I am thankful I didn't see it till after I was done in the shower! Now you may ask what about your kids? Do they share your fear of spiders? NOPE, so far they are all bug lovers, and spider don't scare them. They all know of mommy's fear of spiders, and find it very funny that mom can't look at the spider exhibit when we go to the zoo.
What about you? What's your phobia? I would love to hear about it, and maybe reassure myself I am not totally crazy!


Feeling Fit With Dana said...

I don't like spiders either. I've had one on me in the car too and freaked out. Had to pull over and get it off me. Hubby was laughing the whole time. You are not alone! Stopping by from SITS!

I'm a full-time mummy... said...

This is a post on my phobia which
I blogged few mths ago. You are not alone... ;p


Dropping by from SITS to say Hi! :)

Debbie said...

I have also posted about my fear of spiders. This time last year my oldest son was in the hospital thanks to a black widow. Hate those things.

LisaLisa said...

OMG..I know how you feel but i think my kids are worse then me. They will run and wait til someone else comes in to kill it!
Following your blog!

Mary at Deep South Dish said...

I LOVE spiders. When they are outside, because they eat a lot of bugs! Roaches, now those things totally freak me out. Especially if they are the kind that will fly. Thank goodness I have cats is all I can say. Ugh.

Stopping by from SITS! Happy Feature Day!!!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I am not afraid of spiders, but then haven't had your experiences. I never saw one of the big 4" hairy wolf spiders though, but I'm sure if I did and it was crawling on me, I'd scream too! My fear is of buzzing bees. Here's a link to my bee post:

Congrats on your SITS day!

Kristi said...

I hate spiders too. At least I haven't had the HUGE ones on me...just near me is enough to make me freeze! I have these huge in floor forced hot air grates and I SWEAR in the summer (when the system is off) at least once a week a spider comes CHARGING out of them and ALWAYS straight towards me! I have to wear shoes inside so I can stomp them as they come careening across the floor! YUCK!!

Caitlin @ Pacifier In My Pocket said...

This is totally my phobia too! I was a little nervous to even click on the link from your main page for fear there would be a picture of spider with the post. Eeek!

Stopping by from SITS, enjoy your day!

Magimom said...

Yep, right there with you! I've been terrified of spiders since I was little. Mine started on our boat, when an egg hatched. There were three of the little monsters that didn't fly away, and built webs on the bulkhead entrance. My father tried to get me out, but I went into hysterics... they had to forcibly remove me through the bulk head THROUGH the webs... I nearly had a heart attack - at 9!
yeah... and Green Tree Frogs get me everytime too!

LisaDay said...

I am not a fan of spiders but they haven't reached phobia level yet. However, if one was crawling on me I would likely crash the car trying to get it.

Good luck dealing with it.

Happy SITS day.


Blissful Babe said...

Ugh. I loathe spiders. I don't have a fear, necessarily, but I would rather not occupy the same space with them. That goes for pretty much any creepy crawly, with the exception of lady bugs, fireflies, butterflies, and potato bugs -- to a point, after a while, those 'tater bugs start creeping me out.

Now, snakes.... are a completely different story. I loathe them even more than spiders. The only good snake is a dead snake and even those give me the heebie-jeebies!! *shudders*


CoconutPalmDesigns said...

My phobia is mice and rats. I hate them. I once called my mother and BEGGED her to come and get rid of a mouse for me. She was in Jamaica and I lived in Canada and I told her to get on a plane! Sadly it didn't happen and I had to deal with the mice myself.

I really feel for you!

Happy SITS Day!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Jenn said...

I'm not a fan of spiders, but Clowns totally freak me out. Apparently my Mom had one at my first birthday and it's been downhill ever since! You're not crazy for hating spiders, pretty much the opposite. That's just good sense.

JoJo said...

I'm so glad you wrote this and I can completely relate! I am petrified of spiders and most bugs in general. I had very similar experiences and recently wrote an entry about it called It's Cockroach Season on my blog.
Feel free to check it out so you know you're not alone on this one.

Happy SITS day!! You are very entertaining :-)

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