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Monday, December 7, 2009

Whatever happened to.....

customer service? I can not believe how hard it is to get a live human being on the other end of a phone! Since we are moving in like a week, we are getting all the mail forwarded and what not. I tried calling my insurance company today to change our address. First I hate the automated machine that never understands what I say, it always interrupts me and says it doesn't understand what I want. I have taken to just yelling "Customer Service" into the receiver, because I don't have time to listen to "Please press 1 for..., please press 2 for..." You know what I mean!? So today after waiting, and waiting I finally get a real person on the line, I tell her I just need to change my address. She says, "I am sorry I need the policy holder to do that!" Can you believe it, I am not even aloud to change the address!! My poor hubby had to do it, and he had to wait even longer than I did! Whatever happened to the good old days, when a nice human being answered the phone? I miss the days of simple things.



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