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Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Boys

Aren't little boys wonderful? I say this tongue in cheek~ they certainly are different from little girls. On Saturday we had to leave the house for awhile while we had a showing on the house. We decided to go to the park, it was a nice cool day and the kids love the park. We went to a park that was empty (good thing). Five minutes after arriving at the park, my son starts the potty dance, now we have been potty training for an eternity, and are final in underwear only. Problem one the park had no bathroom, problem two we couldn't go home yet. So my hubby decides to let him go behind the tree. Well, apparently my son loves that idea. A few hours later we are home and the kids are outside when once again my son has to go. He starts yelling "I wanna pee in the grass" for all the neighbors to hear. He totally would not come in the house, but instead wants to "go" in the grass! Don't ya just love little boys!


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