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Monday, June 13, 2011

Alphabeasts~Always Playing, Always Learning

Are you looking for a new and innovative way to teach your child the alphabet?  Alphabeasts is a fun and exciting way to teach your child all the letters of the alphabet and to learn how to put letters together and learn to  read.  Alphabeasts are soft and cuddly,with each one having a letter of the alphabet on it's stomach.  Each Alphabeast has a unique name and  it's own story. 

Alphabeasts are a great teaching tool, perfect for parents and educators alike.  Whether your child is just learning their letters or is an avid speller, Alphabeasts are a fun way to encourage learning.   Alphabeasts can be purchased online for $20.00 each.                                                  
Each of the 26 Alphabeasts has a distinctive design characteristic and physical attribute that makes them unique from one another. The beasts are 15" in height and are two-sided with contrasting colors front and back as well as upper and lower case alphabet characters on each side to enhance learning and playful functionality. Each beast has solid thread eye detail, a felt mouth with solid thread teeth, an exclusive custom dyed pallette, a generous polyester fill and a plush, washable velveteen outer body.
I was sent three Alphabeasts and my son loved them.  I was very surprised at how well made they were.  Extremely bright and bold colors and very soft.  My son, who is 4, is learning his letters and I was happy that he knew what two of the letters on his Alphabeasts were.  He had fun turning his Alphabeast over to see the upper case letter and the lower case letters.  We were sent letters M, I and P, so we couldn't make any words, but they are still useful in letter recognition.  Overall I think they are a great tool for learning and just plain fun.  My only concern would be the price, at $20.00 each it would be very expensive to purchase the entire alphabet, but it could be a good investment for homeschoolers and schools.

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*Disclaimer*  Thank you to Mark at Higher Advertising for sending the Alphabeasts for review.  I was sent this product for review purposes, I was not paid for this review.


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