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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Wild Soccer Bunch book 2 - Review

Author Joachim Masannek is back with the second book of the wildly popular series The Wild Soccer Bunch : Diego the Tornado.

Fabio, the son of a famous Brazilian soccer player, wants to join the Wild Soccer Bunch. But Fabio’s father has other plans. He makes his son play for the Furies, one of the best youth club teams in the country. The Wild Soccer Bunch is devastated, but Diego has a plan. He turns the Wild Soccer Bunch into a club team and challenges the Furies to a game! Can the Wild Soccer Bunch survive the game? Can their friendship endure the test?

If your child loves soccer they will love this series of books.  Both boys and girls alike will find the series fun and captivating. 
My nine year old daughter read the book in about two days, she really enjoyed reading it and couldn't put it down. 

The Wild Soccer Bunch has sold over 10 million copies world wide and is a world wide phenomenom.  You can purchase book two Diego the Tornado on Amazon.com or through The Wild Soccer Bunch website.
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Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review.  I was sent a free copy to read and review.  Thank you to the PR team for sending this book.


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