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Friday, October 22, 2010

Moving Part 3

Wednesday was the day that the moving truck was coming, it was also the day that a tropical storm decided to work it's way up the East coast bringing lots of rain.  Rain is not good on moving day!

We had just had new carpet laid on Monday and we were also having some work done on the kitchen as well as some hard wood flooring laid in the dining room.  Word of warning- never have remodeling work going on when you are trying to move into a new house. 

The mover's arrived late and were not happy to be moving stuff in the rain, and the fact that I didn't want mud tracked through the house made for some happy workers.  My poor kids sat in the van watching movies most of the day so that they wouldn't be in the way, they were super good at staying out of trouble and so I took them to Chuck E Cheese's for a long lunch!

By dinner time the mover's had emptied the truck and said someone would be back the next day to unpack the boxes,  apparently they were in a big hurry and alot of the boxes ended up in the wrong rooms, making more work for us to do.  So around midnight we finally tumbled into bed too tired to shower, knowing we had to get up really early the next morning as the work men were coming at 7 and the mover's were coming back at 8.
I got up at 6 and too our surprise we had NO hot water, that made for a very grumpy momma!  Apparently the hot water heater got turned off and never was re lit.

We finally got most of our stuff unpacked and on Friday night we were in my daughter's room going through boxes when she projectile vomited all over the new bedding and the brand new carpet!  What a way to christen the new house! 

So anyway it's been 3 weeks now that we have been in the house.  It had been a slow process, the kitchen is still not done, hopefully next week the materials will arrive and I will have a functioning kitchen.  There is still stuff to hang on the walls and once we get it all together I will post before and after pictures.

If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 you can catch up here.


♥ilovemy5kids♥ said...

I need to catch up Brodie...I'm off to read pt.1 and part 2.

Your site looks awesome btw! Haven't been here in a while!

Blessings to you!


Doreen McGettigan said...

I am sure after all the hard work and christening and all you will have a beautiful new home..
God Bless!

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