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Friday, July 9, 2010

KidKraft Sling Bookshelf from CSN- Review

I had the opportunity to review another great product from  CSN stores.  My limit was $40 and I spent hours looking for something to choose.  Not because I couldn't find anything, but because there are 200 stores to choose from and it can take awhile to shop!

I finally decided on the Sling Bookshelf made by KidKraft.  We need storage desperately as it is hard to live with 6 people in an apartment.  The Sling Bookshelf is made from soft canvas shelves that keep books from being damaged and it holds alot of books in almost any size.  It is the perfect size for little ones and easy for them to use and find just the right book.  I picked the pastel colored bookshelf so it can be used in my youngest daughter's room if and when we move, right now she shares with her brother, but they are both using the bookshelf and it is super cute.

The Assembly:
It came in just 4 pieces and I thought "Wow this will be simple!"  An hour later, not so simple- maybe it was just me, but it was a pain to assemble.  Have you ever tried to twist a screw in a round dowel?  It takes a very strong hand to keep it from spinning- so two people would have been better, but I didn't want to wait for my hubby.  Plus I hate using that little "tool" they give you, but that's just me.  We had a few minor issues, the material was ripped in the seam and one of the screws was missing.  Thankfully customer service was quick and they are shipping me the replacement parts.  We can still use the shelf, and I will reassemble it when I get all the parts.
With all that said I really do love the sling bookshelf and think it's a great item for every child's room.  It's super cute and my kids love having a place to store there books.

***Disclaimer*** I was not paid for this review.  I was sent a free product from CSN stores for review purposes.  All statements made are my own and your opinion may differ. Thank you to CSN for the review product.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks like a great choice. You are right there is a lot to choose from.

medschooll8y said...

How do you get to review products? I would love to do this but I have no idea how to get started.


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