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Friday, February 19, 2010

Cloud B - Lavender Lab - Review

I recently bought the Lavender Lab from Cloud B for my youngest daughter.  Ever since we have been in transition with the move she has not been a good sleeper.  I contacted Cloud B about doing a review, and was given a percentage off one of their products.  I choose the Lavender Lab (he is currently on sale).  I have to say I was really impressed with how big he was.  The pup is super cute, and soft, best of all it is filled with lavender to help promote sleep.
From their website:
Nestled inside Lavender lab's plush head and back are packets filled with our exclusive blend of Lavender and aromatherpy scents which produces a gentle aroma that lasts up to five years. Made with the softest Velboa fabric, Lavender Lab is designed to help children sleep easier with its relaxing scent as the all natural sleep benefits for Lavender have been time tested and scientifically proven.

Simply squeeze Lavender Lab then place on child's pillow or bed during the day to absorb its gentle scent. When it is time for sleep, move Lab to bedside and enjoy the wonderfully soft lavender aroma that helps them float away into a peaceful slumber. To release additional scent, gently squeeze Lavender Lab's head or back.

The Lavender Lab came in a small mesh net gift bag, and is attached to a soft, silky purple blanket that the lab sits on.  This would make a great baby shower gift, or just to give to your own child. My daughter wouldn't cooperate for a picture, but my son gladly posed with the Lab.

***Disclaimer***  I bought this product, I was given a discount by Cloud B.  All statements made are my own, and I was not influenced in anyway.  Thanks to Emily at Cloud B.


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