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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Shopping trip

Since we are moving in just a few short weeks from one side of the country to another we needed to go clothes shopping.  We currently live where it is warm almost year round, and we are moving to where it will be snowing and freezing cold, so we needed the heavy duty warm clothes.  We decided to drive the 5 hours to a really good outlet center here in Texas.  Never mind that is was the busiest shopping weekend of the year, but we figured we would get some good sales.
Have you ever gone shopping with 4 kids?  I hate shopping as it is, but 4 kiddos and the hubby makes it even more stressful.  I made my lists of who needed what and off we went. 
Seriously, I must be crazy, I really don't want to ever go shopping again. The "baby" (she is almost 18 months) has become a screamer, not something I enjoy listening to for a 5 hour trip, and then we have the older 3 who are 3,6 and 8.  Now they do pretty good with the drive, put in a dvd and they are quiet.  Except for the million questions of  "Are we there yet?" and "I am hungry".  Poor hubby was really wanting some earplugs!
Finally time to shop till we drop!  Again have you ever shopped with 4 kids?  It is near impossible.  The first store was a joy because it was a shoe store. I hate trying on shoes, I can never find my size in the shoe that I love.
The next fun thing about shopping with the kids is the dressing room.  I just love taking my kids in the dressing room with me~ NOT!  First they love to stare at you, yes, mom has gotten fat  slightly bigger, I have after all had 4 of you little monsters, and the body can only take so much!  My older girls love to tell me what looks good on me~ mostly it's the stuff I say I don't like.
Then there is the fun with the Potty.  My son is finally potty trained and hasn't had an accident in a long time so I wanted to keep it that way.  Alas, they always have to go potty, when there is no potty in sight.  My son even asked if he could just go in the grass!  We were in one store when the infamous I have to go potty dance started.  I was in line to pay and the older girls were in the corner of the store watching t.v. (can you guess which store we were in?)  So my hubby took the baby and my son and started off in a run for the potty which was all the way on the other side of the shopping center.  I think I got quite alot of dirty looks from the hubby at this point, I paid as quickly as I could and started out after them.  Oopps, is that my daughter calling my name?  I thought the girls had left with there father to go to the bathroom, but nope they had gone back in the store to watch t.v.!  So I went back in to retrieve the missing 2 kids and we once again took off for the bathroom.  I think we spend more time in the bathroom than shopping!
Anyhow, we some how managed to get 5 winter coats and most of what was on the "list".  I think I will get the rest of the stuff online or make my hubby stay home with the kiddos so I can shop in peace!


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