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Friday, December 11, 2009

Saying goodbye~

Don't you hate goodbyes? We are slowly saying goodbye to the friends we have had over the past four years here in Texas. It's harder on the kids than me. Since we have moved so much in our married life (this is the fourth move in ten years)I have gotten used to the goodbyes. Now that the girls are older, it is not going to be easy on them. They each have a best friend who they have done everything with for the last four years, the girls are also sisters, and the four of them have been pretty close. Tonight they will be having one last dinner with them, and I am sure their will be some tears. The younger two kids don't really understand what is going on, which is good, because I will be wiping enough tears from the older two. Now as for me, I can't say I will miss this place, it's no secret that I haven't liked it here. Perhaps, if I had met some of the friends I have now, a little sooner, I would have been a little happier, but it's too late now. We will be leaving in a few short days, wow, I can't believe it's that soon.
As I look through the house there are so many memories. My older two girls asked Jesus into their hearts here in this house. My younger two kids this is the only home they have known!
Please remember me in your prayers, that I have the grace to help the kids get through this transition, and that it will be an easy one!
Have a great weekend~ I will try to post the winners of my giveaways as soon as possible. And if you haven't entered what are you waiting for!


Feeling Fit With Dana said...

It's always so much harder on the kids, especially as they get older. Hope that it is a smooth transition for you!

Cat said...

Goodbyes are so painful. Praying for you and your family, may your transition be a smooth one.

Do your girls blog? Maybe they can keep in touch everyday thru their blogs.( I have a free blog backgrounds site if your interested, lots of blog bling..)

I'd like to invite you to stop by my blog/shoppe and enter to win a pretty pink wrap apron..

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Hope you have a great Friday..

Shell said...

We just moved a month and a half ago. My kids are still rather young, but it still was a little difficult for the older two. But, kids are resilent and they adjusted pretty quickly. Probably the hardest part was that my oldest's birthday was yesterday and he didn't have the big party with his friends that he wanted because his friends are back "home."

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