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Monday, November 2, 2009

A weekend of firsts

This weekend was the kids first time Trick or Treating. They absolutely loved it and are already planning next years costumes. This weekend was also the first time I have gone grocery shopping alone at night. Why is this so strange? First of all I have 4 kids and going anywhere alone is a miracle. Second, I hate to drive at night, I don't see well at all in the dark, and the lights from oncoming traffic bug me. We were totally out of groceries, have you ever opened up the fridge and thought WOW, there is nothing in here, not even bottled water. That's how my fridge looked, but I was not in the mood to go grocery shopping with the kids so I told my hubby I would wake up really early Monday morning and go before the kids got up. He laughed- I am not a morning person, he suggested I go last night- it was 9:15, and I was tired, but I thought sure why not. I am definitely making it a priority to go grocery shopping at night alone. Why? The store was so quiet and empty, and I didn't have little people throwing stuff in my cart, I didn't have to take anyone potty, you get the picture!


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